Vocem Flentium

  • Medium: Visual identity
  • Year: 2017
  • Client: Vocem Flentium
  • In collaboration with: Mathieu Serruys

Identity for Vocem Flentium, a Belgian vocal ensem­ble ded­i­cated to the rich poly­phone tra­di­tion of the fif­teenth and six­teenth cen­tury. Vocem Flentium bor­rowed its name from a pas­sage out of Versa est in Luctum, a death motet by Alonso Lobo (15551617). These two words (weep­ing voices) refer not only to vocal per­for­mance, but also to the char­ac­ter of the reper­toire, in which melan­choly often predominates.

Vocem Flentium card